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Congress's latest attempt at "election reform" is dangerous legislation called The John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act. The House version (H.R.4) would give bureaucrats in the Department of Justice (DOJ) nearly limitless power (using a process called preclearance) to veto new election integrity laws in every single state. Learn More

Take action by sending a message to your Senators now to vote 'No' on H.R.4.

Stand for Election Reform in Your State to Safeguard Every Legal Vote

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It’s up to us, We the People, to ensure we have fair, free, and legal elections in our communities and states.

State election laws vary greatly, but there are nine proven and essential practices that each state can implement to mitigate election fraud. The policy experts at the Heritage Foundation have put together these recommendations for state legislatures to consider.

Read about the reforms and then contact your state legislators today to urge your state legislators to enact these nine reforms. Learn more

Send a Letter that Makes a Difference

Do you know which government official oversees elections in your state? In many states, it is the job of the Secretary of State. And for others, it falls under the job description of the Lt. Governor or an Election Board.

It is their duty and responsibility to ensure every legal vote is counted and any fraudulent votes cast out.

Join our nationwide letter-writing campaign along with thousands of Christians to urge your election official to enact these reforms and practices to safeguard your state election results. Together, we will flood the mailboxes of each Secretary of State, urging them to act.
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Engage Locally. Be Part of the Process.

You can play a significant role to ensure the integrity of the election process at your local polling location, eliminating instances of election fraud and manipulation as they occur. We need your involvement to become a Poll Worker, an Election Judge, or a Poll Watcher. All three are great opportunities to work with others for accountability, transparency, and fairness in our election system. Learn more for the following opportunities:

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Election Integrity Prayer Guide

The most powerful tool we have is the power of prayer. The great American experiment of freedom has beat the odds and endured for more than 200 years. But we know, as President Ronald Reagan said, freedom is not passed on “to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected and handed on for them to do the same.”

The election process is the means by which freedom is preserved. Pray faithfully for this system to remain lawful, fair, and free in America.